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sesame and sesame oil
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1983 began in the manufacture of halvah sector and 30 years in one of Turkey's largest manufacturer özburak Food Industry and Trade Limited Company, directed to sesame seeds and sesame oil production and these products has become a quality and leading provider of the service.

As a result of the R & D studies we have been conducting for a long time, our company has renewed its machinery and equipment according to the latest technology, and efforts have been made to increase the product quality and success has been achieved.

Our staff who are using our renewed machinery and equipments have been trained according to the conditions of the day and they are provided to work efficiently.

  As a result of the agreements made in 2013 as the ÖZBURAK family,

In order to spread the world, we have decided to start our sales.

Our company, which increases customer satisfaction by taking into consideration all kinds of requests and complaints of its customers after sales as well as before and during sales, continues its service with the same determination.

Organization of the 30th anniversary of widespread service network and dealers with Turkey's many point to product development, our company supplies and increases in the framework of the objectives of the customer portfolio and the highest quality products aims to transport their customers at the most affordable prices.



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