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Born in 1950 in Malatya, Hacı Mehmet TANIK started its activities in 1983 in İstanbul / Bayrampaşa as OSKAR halva, Turkish delight, tahini, molasses and confectionery. At the same time, in order to better serve the public by showing itself in the retail sector, Burak opened its markets. After 2003, the company focused on the production of sesame and tahini processing and started to continue its plant in its high capacity facility with its new and technological equipment located in Güneşli / Istanbul. 1650m2 closed area of ​​our company with a capacity of 20 tons per day, in accordance with the rules of health and hygiene, to produce high-quality products, necessary equipment and engineers are available, quality products and people are made to provide better service. We produce sesame products in bagels, packagings and all other varieties, we produce tahini and we provide domestic and overseas sales and marketing services. Our company; product quality, customer satisfaction, staff is experienced and stable price policy of the leading companies in the sector with Turkey.


To ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty with our product quality and to provide the most effective service. To meet the ever-changing and evolving expectations and demands of our customers, to produce products and services in accordance with the highest quality norms, to make improvement, development and growth in all our fields of activity, to fulfill the terms of the agreement negotiated with the customers in full and on time, to increase the personal skills of our employees working environments, providing continuous support to our quality management system


in food products and services to become Turkey's leading consumer-oriented companies.


Customer needs and expectations by providing the most suitable products and services to become a leader and manufacturing center in Turkey Market.

Our values

The way we perform our Basic Task is as important as the task itself. Our core values ​​that will lead our company to success are:

Our employees:

It is the source of our power. To increase the talents and happiness of our employees by providing opportunities for their development.

Our goal. Our principle is ın Teamwork Her to ensure their participation in every field.

Products and Services:

These are the results of our efforts. If our products and services are appreciated by our customers, our value will increase.

Our Gain:

It is an indication of the degree to which our products or services meet customer expectations. Our goal is to make a profit to provide the necessary resources to improve our products and services.

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